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A Christian Writer, Artist and Reader  

Welcome to my website. This is where I share my blogs, writing projects and other fun stuff. 
I’ve been a writer for a long time (ten years). I didn’t begin writing stories till I was thirteen. I was a newbie and off writing fairy stories. Now I like to write a variety of genres. (Inspirational stories, contemporary clean romance, and adventure stories. I am open to try different things)
I’m a believer in Christ Jesus. He has given me the gift of creativity and imagination. 
On most days when I'm not writing stories, I like to read novels and biographies. Beside reading books, I like to draw, which I shared on this site as well. Something I enjoyed doing as hobby. Most of my free time I would watch YouTube videos on different writers and authors on their writing journey and self-publishing industry. 


A Forever Summer 

It’s hard to know who you can trust, when you can’t remember your past.

Katherine is an artist struggling with the grief of losing her mother at a young age. When her father dies, she and her sister unexpectedly inherit a house in Westchester Bay—a house she doesn’t remember.

When she finds a strange collection of old letters addressed to her, she starts to question everything. Her dreams and drawings all seem to hold a secret, a hint of who she was before the day her mother died. 

While searching for answers, she befriends Janson Caswell: a kindhearted man with a complicated past of his own. The deeper their relationship grows, though, the more they are faced with a darker reality.

Will the truth tear them apart?


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